My Best of 2017.

First of all, I cannot believe 2017 is almost over! I didn't think this year would be much cop compared to last year (graduating, four holidays and getting engaged is preeeeeeetty hard to beat to be fair) but this year has been really bloody good. I've been doing Coco's Camera for six months now and I can't believe how many lovely, wonderful, trusting people have asked me to photograph some of the most important days and milestones of their lives. In these last six months I've been lucky enough to shoot; 3 weddings and countless maternity, Halloween, Christmas, newborn, family and engagement shoots! My downfall, though? I'm an instant gratification kind of gal. And there have definitely been

Recently engaged & completely in love.

I don't know what's happened, but the last handful of shoots I've done I haven't half been proud of the photos I've created. Weird, right?! Normally, I go over my photos with a cynical eye, pointing out to myself the things I should've, could've done and what I should do next time. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm still doing that (consistency is key, after all). But I'm also really bloody chuffed with some of the photos I've managed to take. I've been experimenting more with angles & poses, and the more I do the more confident I get. And it's really started to show in my photos, I think, because the more confident I'm feeling with telling my clients how to pose, where to look etc the better pho

My first at home maternity shoot.

Ahhhhhhh I am actually really excited to share this shoot! I'm so happy with the photos and I really hope Charley & Jason are too. Charley is an old friend of mine, we became best friends back in reception but since leaving High School we haven't spoken much due to going to different college's. However, it still gave me that warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach seeing her so happy; engaged, living with her fiance and expecting their first bubba! Absolute madness that someone my age is so adult.. because I certainly don't feel it! I took these photos on Monday evening at Charley & Jasons lovely, cosy home and we had outfit changes, props - the lot! I think at home maternity shoots are going to en

A cold, cuddly couples shoot at Bluebell Woods.

On Saturday, I had a couples shoot with the lovely Stephanie & Luke. After finally finding one another (do you know how big Bluebell Woods is?!) we kicked off the shoot straight away. And despite the fact is was absolutely freeeeeeeezing cold, Stephanie & Luke were an absolute delight to photograph. We started from one end of the woods and made our way to the other end, stopping off here and there to take photos. These two were every photographers dream, I swear; up for anything I suggested and even chucked in a couple of suggestions themselves! I had them climbing over fences, giving each other piggy backs and sitting on all sorts of wooden benches made from tree trunks. With this shoot, I

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