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Non-stop November.

Ok, so my last blog post was about Halloween and this one is about Christmas - how has that happened?! Time is whizzing by recently & I think it's because I've been non stop for the last few weeks (not that I'm complaining!). 

What with working full time, weekends are the only time I've managed to fit in shoots, so I feel like I haven't really had a day off at all. This weekend, I have so many shoots booked and I'm super excited to kick them off starting with some couple shoots on Friday and then Christmas shoots both Saturday and Sunday. 

The Christmas shoots are actually going to take place in my new little camera cave/studio/office my Mum & Uncle have built in my Mum's back garden (thanks guys <3 ). It's fully insulated & has heating, so my clients can be super cosy & warm, plus I can keep everyone topped up with tea and biscuits! 

I have a feeling it’ll be a bit of a working process, none other than the fact that I just want it to be perrrrrrfect! I’m excited to go all DIY:SOS on it though, I love buying little frames & trinkets so can’t wait to make it all cosy and lived in. I also think it’ll be a nice little cosy cave for me to tuck myself away for the day and edit photos! 

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