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Katie & Sam | Horstead

Updated: May 3, 2023

It's no secret Katie and Sam's big day was one of my favourites of 2022 and that was because it was positively bursting with so much love, happiness and genuine, throw-your-head back, deep belly laughter.

Days like that remind me how bloody lucky I am to be chosen by my couples to do this job. As soon as I arrived at bridal prep I felt like I was part of the family; I was plied with the most amazing food & drink and then spent the next 12 hours chatting, mingling & dancing like I was a guest who just happened to have a camera on her.

Their day really did have it all: the two (one just wasn’t going to be enough for this wedding) coolest vicars, cheese for days, a temporary tattoo station, a borrowed kayak from a kind stranger, a pizza van, the best hashtag I’ve yet to see at a wedding & a bunch of groomsmen who wanted their very own mini-shoot with the groom (the pictures are iconic - thanks lads.)

But most importantly just two really cool, really nice, really chilled & really in love people who wanted to celebrate that with the best family & friends. #ACoupleOfCocks Take a look at some of my favourite photos of their day below.

Wedding dress: @asos

Shoes: @asos

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