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Becky & Jack | Woodfarm Barn

August 26, 2019

This wedding was a corker and a half, lemme tell you. The bridesmaids were hilarious, the groom wasn't afraid to show his emotions and there were undertones of a Harry Potter theme throughout. 


Becky & Jack are so blindingly in love with one another and I'm sort of obsessed with them. One of the (many, many, MANY) reasons I love this job so much is because it restores my faith in love, romance and "happy ever afters" each time I photograph a wedding, And honestly, this one did that tenfold. 


And if all that wasn't enough to make this one of my favourite weddings ever, they had some cute as heck doggo's at bridal prep. Consider this dog obsessed 'tog happy as a clam.


Here's just some of the best bits below..