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Now hear me out...

I’m not normally one for an inspirational quote(s). 

But since I’m hoping that one day (hopefully soonish) I’ll be running my own photography business and being a full time, self employed photographer, I’ve really had to dig deep for motivation. And not because I don’t want to do it. I love shooting, I love editing and I love giving my clients there images back. 

Motivation to keep going is a must when you want to be self employed though, isn’t it? To keep going when you put special offers on, discounts and write Facebook status after Facebook status and still get no clients. Especially when you’re still having to work a 9-5, Monday - Friday job and are tired from it. This is what I have struggled with the last few weeks. According to Kane, I want instant gratification and my business to fly off into the land of successfulness straight away... which, I admit, is true. Who wouldn’t want that? But I know I have to build up my portfolio, along with my experience, and hope that eventually my work will speak for itself. 

This weekend, I’m glad to say, is my first weekend packed with photoshoots! And a three day weekend too. 

On Friday, I’m photographing a wedding. My second wedding, ever! For a couple I’ve never met (settle down, nerves) who found me through Facebook. And though I’m nervous, I’m also super excited. I love weddings, so much! I’m also curious to see how I get on with shooting a wedding for someone I don’t know. 

On Saturday, I have two couple shoots. One couple I know very well, as it’s my best friend and her boyfriend. Ross (the boyfriend) absolutely despised having his photo taken, so it should be challenging! We’re going to take a long stroll through the countryside fields with the dogs & hopefully get some lovely shots. 

The second couple are another couple I don’t know. Through Facebook again, (cheers Facebook!) a couple have seen my photos and asked me to be the photographer for their wedding. So we’re doing a pre wedding photoshoot to allow us to get to know one another. 

And on Sunday, I’m doing multiple Halloween themed shoots! I’ve got props and a location in mind and I’m praying for dry weather. I might be most excited for these shoots, purely because Halloween is my favourite time of the year 👻 

I’ll report back with how I get on with my first busy weekend.. wish me luck!  

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