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Halloween weekend.


I literally had the BUSIEST Halloween weekend this year! Even though it knackered me out, I really enjoyed it and it made me realised how lucky I am that I've been able to do what I'm doing and how much help all of my family & friends have given me since starting Coco's Camera. 

On Saturday, I had a family shoot for the lovely Sarah & her family. I've come to realise the more family shoots I do, the more confident I become telling people how to stand, where to look etc. Practice makes perfect, as they say! 

Then on Saturday, I photographed Yolanda’s 25th birthday party. Normally on the Saturday before Halloween, I’d be dressed up as something scary, ready to go to a party or out on the town to get drunk! This year was the exact opposite. Mainly because I was doing Sober for October, but also because I didn’t want to pass up any photography jobs whilst they were coming my way. And I had a LOT of fun shooting Yolanda’s party! 

Sunday was another busy day. Coco’s Camera went on tour for the first time ever! Kind of... I attended Beccles Pumpkin Festival and had my own little photography stall there. 

I set up a little gazebo (with a lot of help from the in-laws), dragged over the giant pumpkins (on from my stepmum) and covered it with Halloween lights & decorations!  I was offering Polaroid & digitalis photos, as well as giving out my business cards & flyers. I had so much fun, talking to people about photography & Halloween (two of my favourite things!) and managed to get my business advertised a bit. Overal, a success I’d say! 👻

So tonight, I’m going to have a little Halloween party with my little brothers & sisters, dress up and relax after a busy, but successful weekend 👻🎃🕸

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