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My first at home maternity shoot.

Ahhhhhhh I am actually really excited to share this shoot! I'm so happy with the photos and I really hope Charley & Jason are too.

Charley is an old friend of mine, we became best friends back in reception but since leaving High School we haven't spoken much due to going to different college's. However, it still gave me that warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach seeing her so happy; engaged, living with her fiance and expecting their first bubba! Absolute madness that someone my age is so adult.. because I certainly don't feel it!

I took these photos on Monday evening at Charley & Jasons lovely, cosy home and we had outfit changes, props - the lot! I think at home maternity shoots are going to end up being a favourite shoot of mine; it's a family and couple shoot all wrapped up in one! The parents are all loved up and excited and I think it's lovely to capture the parents in photos that will probably be the last ones where it'll be just the two of them.

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