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Recently engaged & completely in love.

I don't know what's happened, but the last handful of shoots I've done I haven't half been proud of the photos I've created. Weird, right?! Normally, I go over my photos with a cynical eye, pointing out to myself the things I should've, could've done and what I should do next time. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm still doing that (consistency is key, after all). But I'm also really bloody chuffed with some of the photos I've managed to take. I've been experimenting more with angles & poses, and the more I do the more confident I get. And it's really started to show in my photos, I think, because the more confident I'm feeling with telling my clients how to pose, where to look etc the better photos I'm achieving. So yay. Hurrah for this new gained confidence! I don't know where it's come from but I'm hoping it sticks around!

This shoot was for Jess & Ryan, who got engaged just weeks ago! We did a few shots with their little girl, Freya, at the beginning of the shoot and once she was picked up by willing Grandparents we ventured of, just the three of us, to get some lovely engagement shots. When a couple are as pretty as these guys, it'd be more of a challenge to not get great photos! Chuck in the fact that they'd (well, Jess) had had a nosey on Pinterest for engagement shoot inspiration, we were away. Despite being bitterly cold, these two were all an absolute delight to photograph and just made me love what I get to do even more (if that's possible!). Check out some of the photos from the shoot, below,,,

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