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Molly & Acky.

On Friday I met Molly & Acky at Gorleston Beach for their pre wedding shoot, just four weeks before their wedding! 

I love a good pre wedding shoot.

I think it's really important to meet your couple before the wedding, and for the couple to meet their photographer too! I don't think I'd be alone if I said I get so nervous before shooting a wedding. It's such an honour to be chosen to capture a couples big day and I always feel that pressure is a great motivation in putting 110% into each wedding I shoot. I also think that it helps the couple feel more relaxed meeting you before you photograph one of the biggest days of their lives! Which makes for better photos, of course. 

So on just under four weeks I'll be photographing these two getting married at the beautiful Ormesby Boathouse and I cannot wait! Keep an eye out for the photos. 

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