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Molly & Acky at The Boathouse

Urghhhhhh guys. I fell completely and utterly in love with these two and I'm not even ashamed to admit it. Molly & Acky got married on their five year anniversary - to the very day! The second I arrived to document bridal prep I was looked after like I was one of the family - which was so lovely! It set my nerves at ease, as this was my first wedding of 2018, and from then on I felt like I was photographing a wedding of two old friends.

I've been to The Boathouse before, but never photographed a wedding there. Safe to say it did not disappoint! Even though we were forecast a thunder storm, we had the most beautiful weather throughout the ceremony right up until the first dance. And when the rain did visit, chucking it down for a good half hour, some of the guests just rolled with it and danced in it!

So, if you wanna see a beautiful wedding, with a unicorn car for the flower girl and plate spinning for the entertainment, check out the gallery.

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