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Harry & Lucy | Wells

I met Harry & Lucy at Wells - somewhere I hadn't been since I was a wee girl.

These guys picked such a great location! Wells is a lush beach, with adorable little beach huts lined up in a row, it's some real picturesque stuff. And as an added bonus, just behind the beach there is a fab woodland area complete with tree swings! Winnerrrrrrr.

Harry & Lucy were such a fun couple to shoot; they were up for anything and even suggested some ideas of their own! When we first met up they said they weren't really sure what to do in front of the camera, but looking at their pictures below, I think that was a fib, don't you?

They told me all about their plans for their big day at Top Farm, Marsham and I gotta say, this is one I am really looking forward too!

Check out some of my faves from their gallery below.

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