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Andrea & Carlos | St John's Church / Daniele Sicilian Restaurant, Farnham

Andrea & Carlos' wedding was the smallest, most intimate wedding I've shot to date. As soon as I arrived to shoot bridal prep, at the small, family owned, restaurant/hotel where they would later hold their reception, I knew it was going to be a corker of a day. And I wasn't wrong!

This certainly wasn't just your average wedding; the bridesmaids and bride sang themselves up the aisle to The Greatest Showman soundtrack 'A Million Dreams', the couples sons were baptised just after watching their parents wed and instead of a bouquet toss, Andrea had all the single ladies make a circle around her, was blindfolded and sang the Skye Boat Song, which is a traditional Scottish song brought to fame by Andrea's favourite TV series Outlander. Whilst singing, Andrea spun around and once the song finished whichever lady Andrea stopped in front of won the bouquet.

All in all, it was just a really ruddy heartwarming day, full of palpable familial love and I felt quite lucky to be a part of it. Check out some of my favourite photos of the day, below..

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